Price: $350.00
Prod. Code: ASHES TO ASHES 2

Blast from the Past

Not long ago, I have found a box that I believed it was lost forever. Inside few portfolios with some very old artwork of mine (up to 25 years old!)  that realized mostly for Italian magazines in the early 90's and my very first collaborations with Hustler magazine and other American publishers.

This is one of those pieces!

Some of them still look great, some others really make no sense! But, hey! -  This is how it was back then! 
All the artwork is great condition, few pieces might have little creases  here and there because were painted on paper and the manhandling of the printers they ended up to. For this reason, for the fact they represent a very young phase of my creative career the prices of these illustrations are incredibly low!
Everything you will find here goes from as little as $100 up to $995 The rule here is everything under a thousand!

Don't forget to read the notes about each piece, beside the price, it will tell you what it was originally painted for, the size, the media and if there is any defect of some sort.

Thanks and enjoy!


Illustration for Ashes to Ashes role game by AEG  - Acrylic on Paper 8"x11" (20x28cm)

Perfect Conditions